About Touché Golf School (TGS)


Cricket, football, tennis and for that matter any sport in India all have one common factor - there are multiple options for people to learn the game. Golf on the other hand has always been a restricted sport on various counts including limited access.

The 26 acre facility is fully equipped to teach the game to all comers, and has a 9-hole golf course for those who don't have the time to wait for a golf club membership.

The golf school is simply the single largest golf instruction facility in the world complete in all aspects of the game. Some of the highlights are:

  • Complete turf based range with no artificial mats.
  • Six dedicated practice areas covering all aspects of the game that can cater to 150 students at one go.
  • 22000 sq.ft. Putting Greens with 3 types of grass -Bent, Bermuda & Paspallum.
  • Practice Bunker -deep, medium and shallow with scope for hitting long bunker shots;
  • 20 to 50 yard area with target greens; 50 to 120 yard area with target greens;
  • Long Game area with 320 yard length;
  • Chipping area for rolling chips.
  • 3 Dimensional Biometric swing Analysis
  • Club Fitting Section
  • Fitness Centre including a running strip
  • 9 Hole Golf Course, with Index
  • Affiliated with Indian Golf Union
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The Golf School has a 360* approach to teaching the game since it is a game played in the 5 inches between your ears as much as it is on the vast expanse of open land. Every aspect of one's physical being connects to making a golfer. For this very reason the school not only has Faculty to teach the various aspects of the golf swing, but also a nutritionist, mind trainers, fitness trainers and a sports physiologist.

A healthy diet is essential to a healthy being which is why we have a fully equipped cafeteria which meets the highest hygienic standards and serves healthy and tasty snacks. Aware of the great influence of golf in the corporate world the Touche Golf School has a Corporate area with an Amphitheatre allowing for corporate trainings, meetings and outings besides doing golf clinics for more than 100 people at a time.

Come LEARN, ENHANCE, ENJOY and be enriched by the fastest growing sport in the world at the Touche Golf School.